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Compensation and Governance

Compensation and Governance 

Rewards Management

How motivated are your employees? Often organizations face a stagnation and even a decrease in performance, and in extreme cases, witness high turnover rates that affect knowledge transfer, succession, and consistency of performance in day-to-day operations.

A reason being is inadequate rewards management policies. Rewarding your employees for good performance makes them feel valued and motivates them to be more productive. It keeps them satisfied and eager to grow within your organization as they remain loyal and honest towards your business.

Rewards management comes in many forms, from verbal recognitions to tangible rewards that are tied to performance indicators and success levels. Which one are you applying in your business?

Performance Evaluation and Grading

How can you choose the right performance evaluation and grading scale and criteria for your people and strategic goals?

Evaluation and grading scales on employee performance reviews are often contested as they’re frequently viewed as being impersonal, inaccurate, and lacking knowledge to what the employee is delivering. While these could be valid concerns, the true challenge lies with the scales that tend to stem from designs and data that are not personalized or localized to the business model, type of operations and overall work environment of your company.

This is where we come in at HRInvest. With our extensive experience in serving companies from all sectors and business types, we know how an evaluation and grading system is affected by what we put into it. We’re here to guide you.

Benefits Benchmarking and Structuring

Benefits form an important part of employee experience and workplace culture, not to mention retaining talents and providing an attractive proposition to potential candidates.

Providing ideal employee benefits which meets their expectation will also increase loyalty, boost productivity and enhance recruitment efforts. They show your recognition and reward to your employees.

How to calculate benefits ultimately depends on many factors, starting on position, responsibilities, KPIs as well as the benchmark for the local market. That does not necessarily mean that you need to meet the average but needs to meet a level that will achieve your business goals.

Employee Fitment and Implementation Cost

Promoting, releasing or reevaluating require evaluation processes that may reveal valuable to your organization, even more, drive growth and saving costs.

Our consultants conduct fitment evaluations using tools that are customized to the size of your organization or its goals.

Contact us today to learn more on how you may benefit of our services in employee fitment and implementation cost.