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Our Company

Why Choose HRInvest?

Working with the HRInvest team will without a doubt allow you to focus on your core business, while we handle the challenges at every stage – from analyzing your specific human resource needs, right through to specifying, recommending, and most importantly, executing the approved solutions.

As a homegrown HR firm, our business model is built on tailoring solutions to our clients. We do not believe in a one-fits-all solutions. Our approach is to always be flexible and whether doing business in person at meetings, via emails or phone calls. We offer the same level of qualified expertise as the international firms at competitive value with superior customer service with the personal touch… and our clients can vouch for us.

We are communicative, responsive and flexible.

We do not just believe in good communication; we practice it too. We know that consistent, effective, two-way communication is the best way for you to maximize the benefits of our many services.

Whatever the scope of the project entrusted to us, you will always receive progress reports detailing steps taken, the results and what is to follow. Our detailed reporting process also helps us to detect any issues in the implementation process and address them immediately to achieve your targeted objectives.

Message from the Managing Partner

Over the years, HRInvest has grown from serving large corporations in Kuwait to supporting small and medium businesses and startups with our full range of expertise.

However, what truly differentiates us today is the team and capabilities that we have built. HRInvest prides its young team of professionals that has acquired the knowledge of our past and are leading the change that our market needs to move into the future. That same team is advising decades-old family businesses to see the need in reorganizing their human assets for the future. That team is also supporting newly established small businesses and enabling their future growth.

Our team is carrying on our vision and is more than ever determined to be part of the story of organizations beyond the borders of Kuwait. I leave you to work with the right team.

Surour Alsamerai
Founder and Managing Partner

Our Vision

We aim to be a leading and the strategic human capital partner of choice, supporting organizations in their growth and helping them optimize their capabilities through HR infrastructures and solutions that deliver their overall strategies.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to engage and empower people and organizations, helping them build their better future.

Our Values

We believe in integrity, quality and timely delivery of tailored solutions that aim to contribute to the success of organizations and professionals.

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