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Talent Acquisition

Kuwaitization and Compliance

Kuwaitization and Compliance

Local Labor Environment

Whether starting up a new business or managing your employees, researching and understanding the details of the local labor law may sometimes be challenging. Our dedicated consultants have been supporting clients for decades, ensuring best practices when managing talent, compliance to changes in the local labor law, and hire satisfaction at work with employees’ rights bring preserved.

Kuwaitization Compliance

Over the past decade, Kuwait has started implementing a strategy that aims to induct Kuwaiti talent in the local workforce of the private sector. Historically, Kuwaiti talent would seek employment in the public sector, specifically government entities and State-owned oil companies. The move to encourage young Kuwaitis to work in the private sector has also led to growth in the private sector itself with the establishment of new, smaller companies, today competing with larger ones.

The strategy mandates Kuwaitization ratios by sectors and company sizes, reaching to over 70% for some sectors such as banking and finance.

With our strong local network of talent, HRInvest is an ideal partner to help you source Kuwaiti talent at every level of your organization.