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Talent Acquisition

Executive to Staff Search

Executive to Staff Search

Our Methodology

We do not believe in a one-fits-all recruitment process. Depending on your specific needs, our talent acquisition consultants perform audit, interviews, assessments, and reviews to ensure we choose the best person for your vacant position, while also confirming that their career objective of the chosen person align with your internal work culture and business objectives.

To successfully choose the best person for you, we start by planning the recruitment selection process, analyzing the job responsibilities to determine the recruitment criteria and developing key selection criteria. Once we’ve selected candidates, we begin by shortlisting them through our selection methods to make the right decision. Once the best person is chosen for the position, we move to onboarding as an integral part of the recruitment process.

Recruitment Advice

Part of our responsibilities as a partner to our clients is to provide advice during the recruitment process. From our experience having helped hundreds of organizations across every sector and business size find the professional best suited for them, we found that, sometimes, organizations need to improve their offer, benefits or processes to attract the right candidate.

This is where we come in. We audit the market and benchmark salaries with peer positions to rightly consult our clients with what they can do to increase their chances of attracting professionals who can drive businesses forward.

If unsure where to start, our talent acquisition consultants can provide advice to meet your business needs and provide information on how to better your management skills and get the most out of your teams.