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Human Capital Consulting

People Strategy and Performance

People Strategy and Performance

People Assessment

Whether it is for Recruitment Needs, Succession Planning or Employee Development, HRInvest uses an intelligent Assessment Tool which is globally recognized to assess individuals. It generates a well-documented report, covering various Trait Profiles. Standard assessment test selections are grouped for different job levels, with customized test packages created to reflect specific job requirements.

The process of evaluating and determining the need for a position. Employing units who have a need for a new position, or to backfill an existing position, should use this as an opportunity to review the organizational structure, staffing skills and expertise, and to advance the alignment of the workforce with the needs.

Performance Management

Performance management is a significant process to help engage employees on the goals of the company and clearly define the how their responsibilities and work goals fit into the overall goals of the company. The process sets clear expectations and provides specific and timely feedback through a framework that recognizes achievements and takes into consideration the aspirations of employees as well as their capabilities and past performance. The process also enables the company to set a platform for training, mentoring and coaching.

Leadership Development

We understand that leaders can either make or break your organization. Many factors can be assessed and developed upon when it comes to leadership positions. Through global leaders, we provide customized one-on-one Executive Coaching. We follow through by monitoring your progress and how to further enhance it, if required.

Career Paths

To better reflect each position’s futuristic roles (career ladder), we highlight the various roles positions within your organization can progress into. Whether it is a Lateral or Vertical Movement, your organization structure sets the foundation, and your functional operating model sets the requirements.