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New Graduates: Start Your Careers ​

First, we want to congratulate you for starting a new and exciting chapter in your life. Finding the job that will kick-start you career and place you on a journey that will fulfill dreams starts with a few steps that will enable you to catch the eyes of employers.

Why Apply Through HRInvest?

HRInvest works with leading and reputable organizations in Kuwait. We are constantly seeking young and established professionals to place in these organizations.

Our Advice for You

We believe that first impressions do matter, this is why we’ve also compiled the following few tips to help you start your career on the right foot.

1. Include all work experience and skills acquired

As a new graduate, you may not have an extensive work experience. However, your extracurricular experience and skills acquired outside the academic setting do attract employees. Ensure you have them on your CV.

2. Build a strong CV… on paper and on LinkedIn

We all have a typical format of our CV. However, employers are more and more searching the names of candidates online. Having an active profile on LinkedIn will tell employers a lot about: Who are you engaging and connecting with on the professional platform, what do you follow and what do you share.

3. Write a personal vision for your career

When hiring a new graduate, employers want to ensure they are investing in the right talent. Stand out with a vision for your career, away from the traditional work objectives. Show who you truly are today, where you see yourself in the coming years and how a career at a certain organization will help you achieve your career objectives.

4. Be proactive

Take initiative by researching and learning more about the history of prospective employers before your next interview. Once you’ve completed your interview, do not hesitate to send a follow up email within an acceptable timeframe. 

5. Show you are ready to work

Showing you are ready to work will most likely bring you up the list of shortlisted candidates. Make sure you manage your getaway and vacation schedule based on your interviews and expected starting dates.