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Family Businesses

Human resources (HR) play a significant role in managing risks in family businesses of all sizes. A business depending on a central decision maker can have serious risks that jeopardize the business’ continuity and success.

People are also a source of risk – which happens when there is no organizational structure to govern the business and those working in it – such as in cases of an employee duplicating the task of another, or refusing to take on additional responsibilities, or a key employee leaving two months after completion of a one-year training program.

However, people are also important in handling risk. They can find solutions, go the extra mile for the good of the organization, or persuade a talented friend to apply for a position in the business. This happens when employees feel recognized.

HR help you manage these risks, transform your structure and empower the organization toward its next phase of growth.

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Small and medium businesses without an integrated HR function typically rely on the owner or a senior manager to oversee its responsibilities. Tasks range from overseeing growth and development of employees, administering performance and benefits reviews, resolving workplace disputes, communicating organizational updates, ensuring an encouraging work environment and promoting health and wellness.

Adding these to daily operations may tire the business at an early stage of its growth potential.

Don’t underestimate the importance of HR functions as they have a strong impact on employee engagement, morale and ultimately, productivity.

Start on strong internal foundations today, whether by outsourcing or structuring your internal HR functions.

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Large Corporations

There are so many reasons why HR functions are important for business success – no matter the size of the business.

The first reason is training and development. HR specialists provide assessments for employee performance to determine the of training and skills they need to efficiently grow in responsibilities in line with the next expansion stage of the company’s strategy.

Another crucial HR responsibility is the development of performance management systems that measure performance to ensure employees are suitable for their expertise and skills and therefore avoiding dissatisfaction and additional costs on the company.

Outsourcing these functions, as well as outsourcing talents, have proven to be as cost-effective as successful for large companies, as they benefit from a wider expertise and avoid overhead costs when not required.

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State-Owned Companies

Since its establishment, HRInvest has fostered strong relations with state-owned companies, providing them with tailored services ranging from talent acquisitions at executive, management and staff levels, as well as outsourced services to support their internal HR functions.

We understand the unique needs of such companies which are governed by stricter policies of transparency and reporting. We have therefore built systems that enable them to abide by these policies while successfully recruiting and managing performance.

Ensuring the highest standards in delivery, our services are always tailored to the requirements and objectives of clients. Contact us to learn more.

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Foreign Corporations

Navigating through the requirements to setting up home in a foreign country will require support, especially when having to communicate in the official local language and hire local talents.

From HR functions to legal affairs and public relations with trusted partners, we consult you on the way forward based on your growth phases and their requirements.

HRInvest prides its long-standing relations with local and international firms of all sizes, having grown together. We can support you.

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Catering to Specific Industries

HRInvest differentiates itself with its Outsourcing Services which it has been providing since its establishment to leading companies, namely in the banking sector.

From outsourcing specialized teams, divisions and functions, the banking sector has benefited from the flexibility of these services and their cost-effectiveness.

HRInvest recruits, inducts and trains teams who will be outsourced to companies, managing their payroll, benefits, compensations and other HR functions.

Today, our Company is the only HR firm to provide these services at a large scale, and successfully understanding the needs of our clients.

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