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Rewarding Employees in a Volatile Market

The Profile

A leading institute in the healthcare industry with approx. 120 employees in Kuwait sought an understanding of market pay. Due to rippling effects of COVID-19, fierce competition, challenging regulations and limited available talent, it was finding difficulty rewarding current employees and attracting new ones. 

Our Assessment

As an external third party representing mutual interests of the employer and the employees, our approach was focused on understanding current employee concerns and the management’s rewards philosophy. Our assessment has identified deep employee disengagement, absence of attractive incentives and, a need for internal pay parity. Our diagnosis also pinpointed that certain benefits were not used as a tool to attract local hires.

Our Recommendation

Following observations from the current state and our sweep of the market’s pay, a focus on benefits and incentive practices was recommended, not just guaranteed cash.

A complete refurbishment of the incentive model has been developed and linked to the expected sales model of the institute. Moreover, to ensure fairness, unified benefits and allowances were recommended for all profit-generating positions.

Separately, much needed employee engagement initiatives were discussed. Employees needed to feel recognition, appreciation and a sense of belonging to the institute, something that a review in pay alone would not provide.

While implementation was not part of project delivery, HRInvest provided ongoing advice in the placement of employees on the recommended rewards structure.

The Outcome

Our customized Rewards benchmarking report has provided timely and relevant insights to help our client pay its employees competitively and fairly to the best of its ability. It has also helped the client compare its position against its rivals.

Along the journey of our project, the client was also able to objectively identify the rewards strategy that worked best for its business direction and identity.

Quotes from the Client

“First, let me begin by thanking you for your dedicated work, and for the documents that you forwarded me”

“Thank you for your efforts on this, overall very good and beneficial work.”

“I am also going to want to speak with you about either expanding the scope of our engagement – or entering into a new engagement with your firm.”

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