Building a Leadership Development Program for a Leading Bank

The Profile

A leading bank in Kuwait with over 6,000 employees required Psychometric Assessments for its new recruits which would be the starting point of a year-long training program that would hone their skills and provide them with the knowledge needed about the bank’s operations. The training is based on an internal rotation program. 

Our Assessment

While Psychometric Assessments are ideal to identify the strengths and weakness of employees, it was imperative for HRInvest to understand how the results of these assessments would serve the bank’s strategic purpose when it comes to human capital management. 

Our Recommendation

Following the assessment of the needs, HRInvest recommended a different approach to meeting the bank’s strategic goals. The approach would benefit the new recruits while ensuring second-in-line leaders who will be training and transferring knowledge to the new recruits, as well as the ones after them.

The new approach meant developing a program that would help second-in-line leaders develop their mentoring and leadership skills to support new recruits, train them and guide them. The resulting program was geared to improving talent and to meeting the HR objectives of the bank which sums in providing training and enabling leaders to successfully mentor and coach their teams.

Both the client and HRInvest had an equal responsibility in the development of the program. The client was involved in the development phase, providing helpful insights that allowed HRInvest develop a customized program that fits the bank’s internal culture and strategies. The result is a program that adds value in every phase of its implementation. 

The Result

To develop a successful Internal Mentoring Program, it was necessary to carry out the program in two phases.

The first phase consisted of designing the Internal Mentoring Program and assisting the bank’s highflyers and high potential employees to become mentors. The phase aimed at developing their leadership skills so they can assume the responsibility of mentoring and developing new recruits. The phase covered the Psychometric Assessments in addition to one-on-one coaching and consulting with each employee.

The second phase consisted of the workshops, which were designed to develop the mentoring skills of the employees, as well as group mentoring sessions between the employees who are being trained and the new recruits.

The Outcome

Employees in the program gained an increased awareness of their leadership skills and how they can invest them to further fulfil their responsibilities. They also gained new skills in mentoring and coaching to help them become better and more effective team leaders and develop the skills of their own teams.


Client Feedback

We are very satisfied with the outcome of the program as it proved successful in meeting our strategic objectives as well as training new recruits by ensuring experienced employees in leadership positions are able to mentor them and transfer knowledge.

The results of the program are long-term. It was fully customized and comprehensive. It also successfully covered the challenging pool of talents that were being mentored as they covered different backgrounds, divisions, skillsets and age groups. Their performance increased palpably.

We look forward to tailoring new programs to increase efficiency in the workplace as well as cover general or specific areas of competencies.


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