Besma Al-Qassar – Senior Consultant

Besma Al-Qassar - Senior Consultant

Besma has over 20 years of experience across diverse sectors. Her experience in human development ranges from training to facilitated workshops and coaching. She coaches individuals towards behavioral change and development. Her unique style allows her the flexibility to coach teams of any size and in any type of business. She excels in delivering group coaching workshops where she assists teams in finding solutions for any business needs, from developing corporate visions, missions, values and plans and strategies to transform corporate cultures towards excellence. Besma’s creativity drives her to design and deliver unique individual and group development programs that are effective and efficient at the same time.

It is worth noting that Besma is the founder of WMF, an organization focused on supporting women professionals providing them leadership development programs that blend consulting, coaching, and training. She is a regular guest participant at Chatham House’s events related to gender & the economy, most significant is the annual flagship event the International Policy Forum on Gender-Inclusive Growth. She also participated in She Works, a global two-year project led by the IFC in partnership with the private sector and aimed at supporting women in the workforce.

Besma holds a BA in English Literature from Kuwait University. She is an ILM certified trainer and an ILM trained coach.