Getting to know your people

HRInvest offers a full employee skills assessment service that’s internationally certified. Comprehensive and integrated, all our tests are designed to ensure you’re always fully informed when it comes to making critical human resource decisions for your business.

Employee assessment tests are generally administered to short-listed candidates. They help you decide whether they’re right for a job.

But your business can also benefit immensely by administering assessment tests to current employees too. For example, this can help inform you whether an employee is eligible for a promotion. Tests can also detect performance weaknesses in staff and help you identify which skills need further development and training.

Standard assessment test selections are grouped for each job level, with customized test packages created to reflect specific job requirements.

HRInvest delivers assessments that are validated both internationally and regionally covering:

  • Ability testing: measuring a candidate’s ability and potential for skills relevant to a specific job
  • Personality assessment: building a picture of how a person behaves at work and interacts with co-workers
  • Motivation and culture: helping to detect the degree of motivation in potential employees and discovering what motivates them
  • 360 degree tools: testing an individual’s performance from different perspectives and identifying strengths and weaknesses. Talk to us about full consultancy to design and implement a 360 degree program for your organization.
  • Simulation exercises: reproducing real life workplace scenarios to enable a candidate to demonstrate skills required for employment or promotion. These exercises can also be used to assess training needs in current employees.
  • Competency assessment: identifying an integrated set of skills against which performance can be described and measured for a specific job role. Through our consultancy services we can offer both standard and customized competency frameworks.

Setting off in the right direction.

You might be a student that needs to decide on a school major. Or you could be a fresh graduate looking for career guidance as you enter the world of work. Maybe you’re already an experienced professional – and have reached a point when you realize that you’re ready for a career change and need some objective advice and support too?

Whatever your situation, you’re sure to benefit from professional career guidance to set you on the right path.

At HRInvest we administer the Interest Inventory assessment test that offers valuable insight into your skills and potential. This test helps you discover your professional self, helping you to make the right career choice.

So give us a call and explore your career guidance options with us. It’s a decision could change your life.

Step by step guidance to success.

As an executive, you might think you only need to resort to an advisor only after you face new challenges. The truth is you need that advisor by your side right from the beginning. Your personal advisor will help you predict those new challenges ahead of time, tackle them once they arise and cleverly overcome them. This will immediately get you on the road to a lifetime of personal fulfillments and professional achievements.

That advisor is your own personal executive coach. With his/her long years of experience and personal success you are guaranteed to receive the best professional advice you can get.

At HRInvest, we provide a customized one-on-one executive coaching service from the best global leaders available. We will first analyze your position in relation to your organization. Then we will assess your executive needs and develop your own unique action plan. And finally, we will stand close by to monitor your progress step by step. The end result is your own hard-earned leadership success.

So contact us now. We will immediately set up a meeting for you to meet your own coach and discuss your needs.

Simple and practical HR management systems.

At HRInvest, we make sure you have all the tools your company needs to build a world class workforce that is aligned, engaged and delivering on business strategies.

First we will assess your company’s needs. Then we will recommend a simple and user-friendly software solution for your specific HR needs based on your company’s requirements, budget and culture.

Practical, affordable and easy to implement, our software programs will make your HR operations become complete and seamless. In addition, your HR processes will become efficient and easy to manage and update.

Our HR management systems include: recruiting; on-boarding; job descriptions; performance appraisals; competency assessments; 360 degree feedback; learning and development; succession planning; and compensation management.

Contact us now to find out about how our HR management systems can elevate your work processes to an efficient and professional level.

A great solution to reduce cost and improve functionality.

The prime drivers for HR outsourcing are reduced cost and increased efficiency. However, successful outsourcing can also lead to better use of technology, competitive advantage, an opportunity to rationalize functions, processes and vendors and the minimization of operational risk as the company avoids distraction from non-core activities.

Successful outsourcing should provide direct financial savings to the HR function, together with indirect financial savings to the whole organization.

HRInvest does it better and cheaper because it is our core business. Our advanced systems, expertise, putting forth time and money to exploit and develop new methods and systems, allows us to provide a consistent and guaranteed service.

Creative solutions as unique as your challenges.

There’s no single approach that will solve all your business challenges or regularly prove to be appropriate. At HRInvest, we believe in partnerships and long-term relationships with our clients to frequently address their changing needs and consult on trending practices. We thrive to offer leading insights that work and prove to be simple, yet effective, for implementation.

Our professional services are based on the fact that an organization which effectively manages its Human Capital achieves a strategic competitive advantage, and may significantly improve business results. Our services reach across a wide array of interesting Human Resources fundamentals.

We can help you with:

  • Organizational Restructuring and Human Resources Strategy Development
  • Job Analysis and Profiling
  • Developing Behavioral and Technical Competency Frameworks
  • Conducting Job Evaluation and Grading
  • Benchmarking Compensation and Benefits with Market Trends
  • Performance and Rewards Management
  • Facilitating People Assessment and Leadership Development
  • Developing Human Resources Policies and Process Improvement Workflows
  • Conducting Workplace Cultural Assessments

How do we differentiate ourselves from other leading consulting firms?

By assisting our clients in implementing what we recommend. We also offer long-term deployment of Human Capital Consultants to oversee effective implementation of our consulting projects.

Preparing for success.

Every bit as important as on-boarding is the actual induction of new employees into your organization.

Ideally this takes place during their first few days with you when impressions are set, habits are learned, relationships are formed, and perceptions of roles within the company are established. The future success of new employees depends on carefully managing this formative period.

An effective induction program prepares new employees for success and encourages them to take ownership of it. They will know where to go and how to grow – developing a long-term commitment to your business goals and their role in achieving them.

An ill-managed induction program on the other hand can create negative impressions and a credibility gap – leaving any new employee with a lack of expectation and low morale. New employees who are failed in this may never again fully engage as effective and productive team members.

At HRInvest we provide tailor-made induction programs according to the needs of your organization – and those of your new employees. Our customized induction approach rapidly and effectively transfers organizational knowledge, integrates new employees with your existing workforce, and takes full advantage of your employee’s skills, while expanding your organization’s support structure.

Employee support that accelerates productivity.

The most effective follow-up to a good hiring process is an equally robust on-boarding program.

On-boarding aims to bring new employees into your business in an expedient way, accelerating their effectiveness and productivity by fulfilling their many practical needs as new arrivals. Its impact and importance makes on-boarding the most critical and resource-intensive human resource process within any organization.

What can on-boarding do for you and your employees?

When new to your organization, employees need time to familiarize themselves with your work regulations and procedures, as well as other customs and the immediate working environment.

If new to the location, your new hire will also need to find suitable accommodation for his or her family, medical care, appropriate schools for children, and recreational resources.

In both cases, the process is not only time-consuming for your employees, it’s time-costly for your business.

An effective on-boarding program is a cost-effective solution to help new employees settle fast so that they can engage immediately in your company business and commence productivity.

Talent Acquisition is complex and time-consuming.
Why not talk to us about handling it for you?

Having the right person in the right job is a recruitment cliche for good reason – it really is essential for your business to succeed. You need employees who are highly motivated and will get the job done, as well as fit in seamlessly with your business culture and existing team.

At HRInvest we guarantee to provide you with the qualified, competent talent you need for professional and managerial positions.

We spend considerable time with every candidate to ensure that they are absolutely right – both for you and that especially sensitive post you need to fill. We’re also able to provide additional references and complete any necessary background checks you may ask for.

Our commitment to understanding your business from all angles ensures you acquire talent who are a perfect match every time you call on our assistance. And, because we know the recruitment market inside out, we can also help you negotiate contracts and resolve any contract or compensation issues that might arise.

The talent acquisition process is the first transitional step in a new hire’s engagement with your business. Find out how our innovative on-boarding services can make your new employee’s transition not only faster and smoother, but lead to immediate increases in productivity.

We train. You succeed.

Professional training is a critical investment in your future business success – boosting employee confidence and enhancing performance.

HRInvest provides tailor-made training courses and programs specific to your business needs, delivered at your own premises. In-house training cuts down on room rental and other associated expenses to create highly cost-effective training packages.

Our customized approach is your guarantee of high quality training that’s highly beneficial for your staff and ultimately effective for your business.

Step 1: We work closely with you to identify specific training needs

Step 2: We devise fully customized courses that precisely reflect your business requirements

Step 3: We offer full consultancy to familiarize you with our proposed training strategy before the program begins.