HRInvest offers you the benefits of more than 30 years working in human resources in industries ranging from oil and gas, to banking and retailing.

As a result, we are well established in the global network of human resources experts and other key players in the field.

After successfully tackling our own human resources issues over many professional years, at HRInvest we are now ready to take on yours.

We believe in ourselves. We are extremely motivated. And we thrive on tough, new challenges.


Raising the HR profile in all areas of business

HRInvest is committed to helping your business manage change – whether it involves introducing an organization to new ideas, improving employee performance, or assisting you to build high performance teams.

Our priority is to deliver services that are highly competent, outstanding in quality and exceptionally professional.

Above all we’re committed to fully understanding your business in order to offer you the customized human resources solutions you and your business need.


Communicative. Responsive. Flexible.

At HRInvest we don’t just believe in good communication, we practice it too. We know that consistent, effective, two way communication is the best way for you to maximize the benefits of our many services.

Our approach is to always be flexible and whether doing business in person at meetings, via emails or phone calls.

Our expert team will always research, study and analyze to come up with the solution that best suits your individual human resource needs.

Whatever the scope of your project entrusted to us, you will always receive a weekly progress report detailing steps taken, the results and what is to follow. Our detailed reporting process also helps us to detect any issues in the implementation process and address them immediately to achieve your desired goals.